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Loch Lethglas Introduces Lug to Indech

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

More from my translation work from previously untranslated sections of Cath Maige Tuired. This is how Lug is described to Indech, a king of the Fomorians, by Loch Lethglas after Lug has defeated Balor.

"Reciting lamentation man, swift ship, powerful, given to dealing blows, a musical warrior with a thief's stone near of hand his sling's sure blow a promise to crush the eye, swelling face with victorious battle-rage striped bare Balor raging battle-ardourous-sick man"

I would also say that there is something in it that lends itself to solar associations. One of those is his relation to music, poetry, inspiration and skill, but the other is in relation to the eyes. The relation between the sun and the eye is a very close one, and of course when one looks towards the sun, the light smites down the eyes. Also an association with death, ships and music, again reinforcing aspects that would have had Romans associate the god with Mercury despite clearly martial aspects. These traits however are also common for figures associated with the sun in Vedic tradition, like Pushan, the Ashvins and Savitar, all of whom also have a strong association with the hands or arms.

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